Do you want the love and action to happen right away or have a build up in romances?

Last Wednesday, I asked you to give me some feedback for what kind of romance you’d liked to see in my books. This was a pretty informal poll, but it is a question I was curious about.  It was a small sample of responses (41) but here’s the question and how you answered.

Do you want the love and action to happen right away or have a build up in romance novels?

Do you want the love and action to happen right away or have a build up in romance novels?

I like characters to have a good back story
and to develop throughout the book.
I love a slow burn full of lots of sexual tension.
Put the romance back in the romance books.
I’m kind of over books that have couples having
sex when they first meet. Give me a great
build up with the couple getting to know
each other. 
I like to get to know the character, but I
don’t want to wait any longer than
five chapters for the relationship to start.

I prefer for characters to NOT fall into
bed in chapter one.


Thank you to all my readers who participated.


Molly ❤️

Book Review – Beauty and the Billionaire

I recently read Beauty and the Billionaire by Lauren Landish.  I always like to read how other authors work with the billionaire romance genre.  What I found out was a few things.

  • It’s filthy to the point I thought, “Wow, I never thought about describing that piece of anatomy or all the intricacies around it.”
  • If you like Fifty Shades, you’ll love this book
  • But lastly, I loved the psychological aspect of Thomas Goldstone and how incredibly messed up he was.

I frankly love the psychologically damaged man.  In books only, of course.  After dating my fair share of them, I was lucky enough to meet my soulmate, who I refer to as my Gibraltar.  

But in books there is nothing more interesting than a Christian Grey type.  Although, I love the steamy parts, after a while I find myself more drawn to the character with one question. “Why? Why are you like this?  Why do you torment yourself? Others? Keep your mother in the basement? Whatever…” 

It’s like the train wreck you can’t look away from. And in a strange way, I feel very fortunate for the life I have. I think there is a time in all our lives when we feel we got dealt a bad hand.  But what I discovered is, the longer I live, the more I realize it’s all relative. There is always someone else who had a worse experience than you. And you discover at some point, however bad you thought you had it in your early years, each of those experiences have made you the person you are right now. You walked through fire and came out the other side…Good job! Own that – You are a powerful person!

Are romance novels good for us?

No question, Yes!  But do we know why? Aside from,

  • boosting our brain activity
  • lowering out blood pressure and
  • kickstarting sexy time with our sweetheart

there is a myriad of other reasons detailed in an article by Laura Caseley, writer and artist living in NYC. I’ve linked her article below, so you check it out for yourself.  

What do you want to see more in romance ?

I asked this question of my readers a couple weeks ago. What they shared might surprise you. I know it did for me.

I don’t have percentages, but with 30 respondents , roughly 75% said they wanted to see more mature characters.  Not twenty somethings but people who have a little life experience. 

Fans also mentioned they liked subplots and multi layered stories

…Like a romance cast across the backdrop of a noble cause?

I couldn’t agree more. 

Thank you so much to the thoughtful people who responded. I appreciate your feedback.  Knowing what you like in the stories I’m sharing with you is so valuable and I can’t thank you enough for sending me your responses. 

Betrothed to You is now LIVE!!

Betrothed to You the final installment of the Billionaire’s Second Chance series.

It’s finally here!  Betrothed to You is the final book of the BBC2 and the adventures of these male characters finding women who bring out the best in each of them and make them think and act on making a difference in this world.  Read about Michael and Melissa who are thrown together a second time by chance to work together one a project in the Pacific Northwest.  As they work together, Michael is convinced he is going to make Melissa his, but she is not at all sure.  Click the cover or the button below to get your copy for .99 or FREE on KU!

Welcome, Molly Sloan!

You should be kissed and often by someone who knows how
-Margaret Mitchell


Redhawk Press is so excited to introduce author Molly Sloan!  A rising young talent in contemporary Romance literature.  If you like Bad boy billionaires  who know how to love strong, independent women, you’ll love reading Molly’s books!